As we age the skin and body undergo structural changes. There is a general redistribution of soft tissue and fatty deposits throughout the body. The skin also changes with some structural layers thinning and others thickening.
Dermal fillers are able to help reverse some of the visible signs of aging. By adding volume to thinned areas and plumping out facial lines signs of aging can be erased. There are a variety of different products with differing indications depending on location and desired goal.

What is Juvederm? What areas can it help treat?

Juvederm is a FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler which comes in different formulations – Voluma, Ultra XC, and XC.

Each of the formulations has been developed to fill a different need: lift cheeks, smooth lines, and plump lips. As with other fillers it is injected into the skin to create the improvement.

what does juvederm do?

  • Plumps lips
  • Fills depressions and facial lines
juvederm nyc | Dr. Aron Kressel

does Juvederm have any side Effects?

The most common side effects of Restylane injectable gel are swelling, redness, pain, bruising and tenderness in and around the injection sites. They typically go away within a week.

How long does juvederm last?

Improvements have been reported to last between 1-2 years.

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