As we age the skin and body undergo structural changes. There is a general redistribution of soft tissue and fatty deposits throughout the body. The skin also changes with some structural layers thinning and others thickening. Dermal fillers are able to help reverse some of the visible signs of aging. By adding volume to thinned areas and plumping out facial lines signs of aging can be erased. There are a variety of different products with differing indications depending on location and desired goal.

radiesse new york city | Dr. Aron KresselWhat is radiesse?

Radiesse® volumizing filler is a synthetic injectable filler that has been U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved for reducing moderate-to-severe wrinkles, folds and creases around the nose and mouth by augmenting the skin’s natural collagen supply. It is a safe, effective and long-lasting alternative to injectable collagen and other dermal fillers for smoothing wrinkles and adding facial volume and contour.

Radiesse filler is composed of microspheres in a water-based gel; the microspheres are made of a substance called calcium hydroxylapatite, which stimulates the production of collagen. When injected into lines and wrinkles, the additional collagen that is produced smooths out the lines and wrinkles, and adds volume to the skin.

what areas can be treated using radiesse?

radiesse new york city | Dr. Aron Kressel

Radiesse volumizing filler can be used on various areas of the face and body. In addition to correcting scars that leave depressions, it is effective in improving the look of the following:

  • Nasolabial folds (run from corners of nose to corners of mouth)
  • Marionette lines (run downward from corners of mouth)
  • Downturned corners of the mouth
  • Jowl pre-sagging
  • Chin wrinkles

what can i expect during treatment?

Before a patient is given Radiesse filler, the treatment area is cleaned. Radiesse injections are then made with a fine needle, and typically take only 15 minutes to perform. There is little-to-no downtime; many patients return to their normal activities right away. Radiesse volumizing filler is also FDA-approved for mixing with the anesthetic lidocaine, which makes the injections less painful. Typically, only 1 or 2 treatments are needed to achieve the full benefits of Radiesse volumizing filler.

how long do results last?

Results are visible immediately after injection, and sometimes last up to a year. Because results are temporary, treatments must be repeated to sustain them. Touch-up treatments may prolong the effects of Radiesse filler.

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