Pediatric Plastic Surgery

What Is Pediatric Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgical care for children can range from very simple to quite complex, from traumatic injuries to congenital deformities. In all instances, the experience is stressful to both the patient and the family. Dr. Kressel aims to minimize the stress and discomfort associated with surgical care for children and their caregivers. We provide acute care for injuries in a warm, quiet office environment. We perform surgeries at accredited facilities with pediatric certified anesthesiologists.

The most common pediatric visit is for evaluation and treatment of a traumatic injury such as a laceration to the face or an injury to the digits. Our goal is to repair the injury in a manner that minimizes scarring. We use meticulous repair techniques, which will reliably improve cosmetic outcomes. Dr. Kressel can meet families in the quiet of his office or at one of the area hospital emergency rooms where he is affiliated.


Moles (nevi) are often removed because they are deemed “suspicious” or for aesthetic purposes. The color and shape can vary. Moles change in size, color and character or have irregular shapes. Moles are often removed surgically. Typically the surgeon will choose the excisional technique that will maximize the cosmetic outcome. Most moles can be removed in the office using local anesthesia.

Ear surgery

  • Ear molding – Newborn children with different ear shapes may be candidates for early ear molding. If this procedure begins soon after birth, the correction is often complete and permanent.
  • Ear pinning (otoplasty) – Correct abnormally protruding or misshapen ears. The ideal age is 5 to 6 years old for patients who require surgical ear correction. Ear surgery moves the ear closer to the head and often reshapes the ear itself. Ear reconstruction is one of the most rewarding surgeries for plastic surgeons. Ear surgery saves the children from potential embarrassment in school and immediately increases their self-esteem.

When you’re looking for treatment for your child’s injury or an aesthetic concern, consider Aron Kressel, MD. Call 212.772.6968 or use our convenient Request a Consultation form. We welcome patients from Wayne, Upper East Side, Lenox Hill, Midtown, Midtown East and surrounding locations.

Surgical Services

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  • Dr. Kressel and his team were all very kind and kept me comfortable while waiting for the surgery. The before care, during, and aftercare from him and his team made this experience worth it. I knew I was in good hands from the beginning, and I'd recommend Dr. Kressel to anyone! The results from his work are phenomenal and I am glad he was my doctor.
    - P.R

  • Dr. Kressel went above and beyond, meeting me outside of operating hours to stitch up my face. Everything went well and the stitches were removed less than a week later with minimal scarring.
    - K.S

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