5 Reasons Why Women Choose Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure. It uses fat transfer or breast implants to enhance the shape and size of your breasts. If you want your breasts to have a different size or shape, your plastic surgeon may recommend breast augmentation.

For most women, the decision to have breast augmentation is a huge one and can be life-changing. Talk to your plastic surgeon about breast augmentation and what you expect it to do for you. It will inform you what the procedure involves and the results you can expect from the surgery.

So, why do women choose breast augmentation?

To Increase Breast Fullness

Women whose breasts are saggy or droopy may wish for curvier, fuller breasts, and breast augmentation can help. Breasts may sag or drop after pregnancy or significant weight loss, or due to aging. It is not unusual for women who have gone through these changes to seek well-formed breasts to match their new look.

The crucial bit here is to choose the right implants. With the help and guidance of your cosmetic surgeon, you can find the perfect implants for your body size and shape. After all, the idea is to look balanced and natural.

Even if you choose to have larger breasts, the implants should not be too big. Implants that are too big for your body size and shape will quickly look fake. You can get the roundness and fullness you desire without looking unnatural.

To Improve Bulge

Breast augmentation can correct small breasts by improving their bulge. Some women have breasts that have never fully grown. That is a health condition called micromastia, where the breast tissue does not mature as it should during puberty.

The result is that the breasts look inconsistent with the body outline. The good news is that breast augmentation can fix these concerns.

To Correct Unevenness

Micromastia can affect both breasts equally, where both breasts look small. But sometimes, one breast can develop much slower than the other. That results in unevenly sized breasts, where one breast is bigger than the other. Breast augmentation can help restore a more harmonious, natural, and balanced body outline.

To Improve Breast and Hip Balance

Breast augmentation improves the size, shape, and outline of the upper body, and that is not all. The procedure also works to balance your general body shape. Harmony between your breasts, shoulders, and hips creates a balanced body shape.

When the breasts are smaller due to high muscle mass or low body fat, the body shape loses balance. Breast augmentation can increase the size of the breasts to match the hip size. This helps bring more consistency to the body all at once.

To Boost Self-confidence and Self-image

If you are not happy with the shape, size, or natural outline of your breasts, you may not feel confident. That insecurity can end up affecting your general satisfaction with life.

Like other cosmetic treatments, breast augmentation has proven to improve people's self-esteem. That is one of the most common reasons women choose to undergo the procedure. But that does not suggest that women who have breast augmentation have low self-image and confidence. Even self-assured women can feel more confident after breast augmentation.

For more reasons women choose breast augmentation, visit Aron Kressel, MD, at our office in New York, New York. You can also call 212.772.6968 to book an appointment today.

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