Are You a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Anyone with a sagging belly from the loss of significant weight, both male and female, makes a good candidate for a tummy tuck. Read on to see other factors that qualify you for the procedure.


Defining a Tummy Tuck


A tummy tuck is an elective surgery used to tighten up and reshape the abdominal area to make it more aesthetically pleasing. A firmer abdomen is a confidence and esteem booster. It makes you look and feel happier with yourself.


The surgery involves making an incision below your belly, on the bottom part where the loose skin covers the abdominal wall. The incision exposes the abdominal muscles, which pull apart with excess weight. The doctor sews the two together, tightening your abdominal wall. He or she then trims the excess fat and skin, then repositions your remaining skin to give you a closed look. After doing this, the surgeon closes the wound and secures it with sutures.


Who Makes a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?


Generally, any healthy woman or man with loose skin, loose muscles, and excess fat deposits in the belly area make a good candidate for a tummy tuck. The person must also be a non-smoker who is closing in on his or her ideal body weight.


Other signs that qualify you for a tummy tuck include the following:


You Are at an Exercise Plateau


Persons who are at an exercise plateau are also good candidates for a tummy tuck. If you have exercised diligently to lose weight but can’t seem to lose the last few pounds, a tummy tuck could get you to your goal. While diet and exercise are the primary avenues for weight loss, the tummy tuck may help you get rid of the last few pounds, making you feel and look better.


You Are Genetically Predisposed


Your genetics could be responsible for the stubborn belly that won’t go away even with exercise. Some people do not mind the bit of the belly because it’s only a small protrusion. However, others want a polished look after working very hard in the gym or working on their diets. Persons in this group also make good candidates for abdominoplasty surgery.


Your Shape Was Altered


Pregnancy is a serious process because it results in the creation of a life. However, it can also seriously alter your body shape. It may change your hips, breast, or waist size, which you may not be comfortable with. Your abdomen also stretches significantly, and this could leave you with stretch marks. If you have some post-pregnancy results around your abdomen that you wish to rectify, a tummy tuck may help bring back your pre-baby body. You could combine a tummy tuck with other cosmetic procedures for better results.


Even if you meet the qualifications for abdominoplasty, the doctor may caution you against it if you have the following:


  • Plan to have more children

  • You smoke

  • Your BMI is greater than 30

  • Plan to lose much more weight

  • Have a chronic condition like diabetes and heart disease

  • Previously had abdominal surgery that left a significant scar


Find out if you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Aron Kressel, MD, in New York at (212) 772-6968.

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