Breast Augmentation: Fat Transfer Vs. Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery aimed at increasing breast size. There are numerous reasons why a person considers undergoing this surgical procedure. Some breast cancer survivors need it for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Breast augmentation can help regain their original figure and move forward after battling cancer. The procedure also enables transwomen to complete their transition. Others opt for breast augmentation to make changes to their physical appearance and become more comfortable and confident with how they look. 


Fat Transfer: Pros and Cons


Fat transfer, also called fat grafting, is generally considered a better option between the two. Fat transfer is a new technique that offers a two-in-one procedure. It involves enlarging your breasts and removing the excess fat tissues from your abdomen, thighs, and legs, making them slimmer. This gives a double advantage to the patients who are looking to enhance their breasts while also getting rid of fats from unwanted areas. There's also little to no risk of infection or allergic reaction since the fat cells used to enhance breast size are from your body. Your breasts will not harden nor encounter any rejection, as in some cases of breast implants. It's a minimally invasive surgical procedure, and your plastic surgeon can perform it without general anesthesia.


On the other hand, breast augmentation with implants is an invasive cosmetic surgery and requires more recovery time. Fat transfer is known for giving patients with enhanced breasts that look and feel natural. Many patients opt for this procedure to reconstruct their breasts or correct minor defects. 


Nevertheless, like any surgical procedure, it also has its disadvantages, including:


  • The breast size increase is limited.
  • The results can be unpredictable, as it depends on how many fat cells your surgeon has successfully grafted to your breast tissues.
  • It's not suitable for patients with less excess fat cells to harvest in other parts of their bodies.
  • Symmetrical breast shape is not always guaranteed.
  • Transplanted fat cells in your breasts may be absorbed by the body, surviving only for a few years. This can result in reduced breast size. 


Breast Implants: Pros and Cons


Breast augmentation through implants is popular these days. It's usually sought after by those who want to achieve dramatic transformation in their breast size. With implants, you can witness an instant change in your breast size. You will get the exact cup size you desire and a guaranteed symmetrical breast shape. You can have your surgeon take them out or replace them as needed. 


But in the same token, breast implants also have their limitations, such as:


  • It gives an artificial look and feel. 
  • Recovery generally takes several weeks.
  • You need to see your surgeon several times for post-surgery follow-up visits. 
  • You may have to deal with breast pains and occasional implant ruptures. 
  • Scarring from this type of surgery is more prominent. 

Are you looking for a way to enhance your breasts? When deciding between fat transfer or breast implants, your best option is the procedure that's healthiest and safest for you. Remember that your well-being is more important than any breast size you will gain. 


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