Breast Augmentation vs Breast Lift: Picking the right procedure for you

If you are less than satisfied with the appearance of your breasts because they are smaller and have less volume than you would like, there are two cosmetic surgery solutions that can potentially address the issues that you are experiencing and give you confidence in your shape. These are known as breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries.


Many patients automatically assume that in order to feel good about their breasts, they need to make them larger using implants or body fat. While increasing the size of your breasts may provide one way to improve your confidence, simply changing their position can also yield remarkable results. To help you decide which procedure is right for you, here’s what you need to know about breast augmentation vs breast lift surgery.

What is involved in a breast augmentation procedure?

Breast augmentation is the term used to describe a procedure that focuses on increasing the volume and overall size of the breasts. This can be achieved either using implants or by transferring some of your own body fat into the breasts in a procedure known as fat transfer. There are two different types of implants that are used, saline and silicone.


Saline implants are inserted into the chest cavity empty and then filled to the desired volume with saline solution. This versatility makes them a popular choice among patients who have asymmetrical breasts and are looking to achieve a more even and balanced silhouette. Since they can be inserted empty, they can be passed into the chest through an extremely small incision usually placed in the fold underneath the breast or, in some cases, in the armpit.


Silicone implants are supplied pre-filled to the relevant cup size and are inserted whole. This means that they need a slightly larger incision to pass through. You will choose the size implants that you would like at your consultation. Silicone implants are considered to feel a little more natural than those filled with saline solution.


In addition to being chosen by women looking to increase the size of their breasts, breast augmentation surgery is also routinely undertaken by patients who have undergone treatment for breast cancer and have had part or all of one or both breasts removed.


Once the new breasts are formed, they appear larger and fuller and are more noticeable. This can make them, and by default, you, look younger than you actually are.

What is involved in a breast lift procedure?

Unsurprisingly, the goal of breast lift surgery is to improve the position of the breasts on the chest wall so that they sit higher. In doing this, the repositioning can cause the breasts to look fuller, perkier, and more youthful. Depending on the extent of your breast lift, the nipples may also need to be repositioned. During your procedure, excess skin will be removed from the area and the breast tissue will be reshaped to restore firmness and make the breasts sit higher on the chest. Exactly how this will be achieved depends on how significant your breast lift needs to be in order to achieve the desired result. Incisions are made around the darker area surrounding the nipples, and you may also need further incisions downwards to the crease under the breasts and even along the inframammary fold beneath the breasts. Every effort will be made to keep scarring to a minimum.


Breast lift surgery can be performed at any stage of your life, but it is most commonly sought after by women who have finished having children and are unhappy with the effects that nursing has had on their breasts – which typically include lost volume and sagging. Older women also experience similar effects as a result of the natural aging process.

While breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries can be performed as standalone procedures, they can also be combined to produce a more dramatic result.

For more information about breast enhancement procedures, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our discreet and knowledgeable team.

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