Fixing Uneven Breasts With a Breast Augmentation

Women’s breasts come in different sizes and shapes. Ideally, both breasts on a woman should look the same. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and many women have uneven or different-sized breasts. This issue of breast asymmetry is quite common, affecting more than 85 percent of women. 


For most women, the difference is barely noticeable, but for some, it is apparent that one breast is noticeably larger. This can cause them to feel very self-conscious.


Causes of Breast Asymmetry


Many body parts come in pairs and, in most cases, the two parts have some slight differences. Perfect symmetry is rare, and approximately 85 percent of women have uneven breasts. Breast asymmetry can be the result of different factors such as genetics and hormonal fluctuations. 


Most women who have gone through pregnancy and have breastfed end up with uneven breasts. In rare cases, uneven breasts can result from underlying medical conditions like hypoplasia. Breast augmentation can fix this disparity in breast size.


Breast Augmentation Surgery


It is possible to correct the problem of uneven breasts through breast augmentation surgery. The surgical procedure can restore a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. There are several ways to treat breast unevenness, and the surgeon will discuss the different options during consultation. 


The goal of the surgery is to try as much as possible to match the two breasts. This may involve making the smaller breast larger or making the larger one smaller. The surgical procedure may involve inserting an implant, breast lifting, or breast reduction. 


Choosing the Surgical Option


Before the augmentation surgery, the patient will need to choose the option that she desires. The choice will depend on different factors. The woman will need to decide if she requires an increase in breast size. Fixing uneven breast size can include augmentation of the smaller breast to match the larger one. 


This procedure will usually require a breast implant. If the choice is to reduce the larger breast to match the smaller one, an implant is not necessary. In some cases, the procedure may involve inserting different size implants in both breasts. 


The Surgical Procedure


Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia and requires an overnight stay in the hospital. The procedure must be performed by a certified plastic surgeon. Choosing the right surgeon is important to ensure the best results. 


Post-surgical care will depend on the type and extent of the surgery. The extent of the procedure will depend on the option chosen. If the size difference is due to the shape of the breast, breast lift surgery may be performed. A breast lift can remove saggy and loose skin, reshaping or repositioning the breast. 


Risks of Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation surgery is usually quite safe. However, as with all types of surgery, some risks may include pain, swelling, and infection. Any risks associated with breast surgery will depend on the specific procedure, whether breast enlargement or breast reduction. 


Talk to the surgeon about the procedure to find out specific risks. Following the pre-and post-surgical instructions will help reduce the risks. 


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