How Should You Prepare for a Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy and childbirth can have a profound effect on the body, from obvious areas such as your abdomen and breasts to least expected areas such as your thighs, buttocks, and hips. While diet and exercise can go some way to rediscovering your shape and toning your body, there are some areas where stubborn fat and excess skin might seem impossible to shift.

Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate them for good. A mommy makeover at Aron Kressel, MD provides an opportunity to address the areas which may be causing you to feel less confident with just one surgery. This means just one recovery period for a major body transformation. This is hugely beneficial for moms who may simply not have the time or the childcare to undergo numerous procedures and their associated recovery times.

Typically, a mommy makeover includes three different procedures – a tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction. However, every patient is different and so the surgeries that you are offered may vary to meet your needs – speak to your surgeon about your hopes and expectations for the procedure.

Since a mommy makeover is such a significant surgery, it’s essential to take adequate steps to plan for your procedure. Here are our top tips to prepare for your mommy makeover.


Make sure your family is complete

Another pregnancy could completely undo the effects of your mommy makeover transformation, so it is essential that you are sure your family is complete and that you are reliably using contraception to prevent any unwanted pregnancies from occurring. It would be a waste of money and effort to undergo the procedure and then find that your family is expanding again! Make sure that you feel 100% confident that your family is complete before going ahead with the surgery.


Maximize your health


Any type of surgery, whether medical or cosmetic, requires you to be in the best possible health. This is for several reasons including reducing the risk of complications during and after your procedure and enabling you to make the fastest and most straightforward recovery. Since a mommy makeover encompasses three major surgeries, it is especially important that you are in the best of health ahead of your appointment. Eat a healthy, balanced diet, cut back on alcohol, and take some supplements to boost your immune system as this will help to protect you against possible infections.


Quit smoking

There is one piece of advice that surgeons give more than any other – quit smoking. Smoking is not only catastrophic for your health, but it can also have serious repercussions for anyone undergoing surgery as it is well known to cause complications and extend the healing process. This is because the flow of oxygen around the body and to the wound sites is compromised, slowing the rate at which you’ll heal and recover.


Delegate responsibilities at home

Moms usually feel very responsible for the condition of their home, and it can be a great source of stress to feel that there are unfinished jobs and housework to be done. However, since you will need to rest as much as possible after your procedure, you should ensure that everything is already taken care of, and you aren’t driven to do chores when you should be resting! Don’t be afraid to delegate or even hire some help while you recover.


Prioritize childcare

While you will want to spend time with your children after your mommy makeover, there will be many limitations as to what you’ll be able to do in the initial stages of your recovery, so it’s crucial that you have someone who can step in and take over these responsibilities until you’re recovered. Whether it’s friends or family or professional childcare, having this in place ahead of your surgery will help you to feel more relaxed and able to take time to recover.

You should always follow the guidelines provided by your surgeon as they are designed specifically to minimize risks and improve your rate of healing. If you have questions about your mommy makeover, ensure that you ask these at your consultation or get in touch with your surgeon’s office at a later time. Don’t go into your surgery feeling unknowledgeable or unprepared.

For more information about preparing for a mommy makeover, visit Aron Kressel, MD, at our office in New York, New York. You can also call 212.772.6968 to book an appointment today.

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