Ideal Candidates for Top Surgery

Top surgery is a reconstructive procedure done on the chest. Certified plastic surgeons with specialized knowledge and training in gender-affirming surgeries perform this to alter the appearance of an individual's chest area.

Categories of Top Surgery

  • Female to non-binary (FTN) or female to male (FTM) top surgery - This surgery removes the breast tissue and contours the chest to look masculine and flat.

  • Male to non-binary (MTN) or male to female (MTF) - This surgery uses either silicone or saline implants to augment or increase the size of the chest to achieve a feminine appearance.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

This surgery is ideal for people who either want a feminine-looking or a masculine-looking chest. Your surgeon may require you to qualify in the following to go through the surgery:

  • Have evidence of intricately documented gender dysphoria.

  • Be of legal age to consent to the surgery.

  • Be of legal age to make healthcare-related decisions.

  • Have gone through the right hormonal therapy.

  • Have controlled health conditions.

What Does Gender Dysphoria Mean?

Gender dysphoria is a condition that causes discomfort and distress when there is a conflict between the sex you were born with and the gender with which you identify. How society identifies you and how you identify with yourself both physically and emotionally causes a disconnect. Individuals with this condition opt for top surgery to identify with the gender they express.

Research shows that top surgery causes a decrease in gender dysphoria by increasing the self-confidence of transgender people. Top surgery is more than just a procedure for non-binary and transgender people. It is a milestone to coordinate with both their gender and body.

Top surgery may be crucial for people suffering from gender dysphoria. However, it can be a challenging and emotional decision. Thus, you are advised to find a surgeon who makes you feel comfortable, one who is trained in both gender and transgender-affirming surgical procedures.


Top surgery is a major surgery that comes with risks. The potential ones include a hematoma that arises when a blood vessel breaks. The surgery can also risk infection, bleeding, losing nipple sensation, poor healing after surgery, or losing both the nipple and areola. You may also face anesthesia complications or risks.

What to Consider

Considering what happens during the recovery period is crucial. Your doctor can recommend follow-up medical care after the procedure. Top surgery is serious surgery. It is ideal to talk about your health with the doctor. Your doctor will decide the best time for the operation.

Your doctor may recommend against the surgery if you have significant health problems such as kidney or heart diseases, deep vein thrombosis, venous thromboembolism, or any bleeding disorder. Any condition that may hinder your ability to give informed consent will affect your chances of undergoing top surgery. Mental health problems are a hindrance.

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