What Should I Expect After a Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Have you lost significant breast volume over time due to pregnancy, hormonal changes, or weight loss? Perhaps you were born with naturally small breasts. Regardless of why you aren’t satisfied with the way your breasts look and feel, there are treatments now to improve their size, shape, symmetry, and fullness. Breast augmentation, for instance, is a popular surgical procedure that uses breast implants or fat transfer techniques to increase breast tissue volume. Do you intend to undergo this type of major operation? Here are some things you should expect after a breast augmentation procedure:


  • On the Day of Your Surgery. This type of breast surgery often involves general anesthesia, which means that you’d be unconscious during the operation. As soon as you wake up from the anesthetics, you’d likely feel sore and groggy. These effects often wear off after a few hours. You may be allowed to go home after several hours. But you’d need a family member or a friend to drive you. It’s best that they keep you company overnight.


  • First Week Following Surgery. For most patients, the first three to five days are the most uncomfortable throughout the recovery period. Some patients experience minor bleeding at the surgical sites. While this is normal, it’s highly recommended that you talk to your plastic surgeon if any bleeding concerns you. Your doctor will prescribe medications for the discomfort. They may even recommend getting a pain injection or pump to help alleviate pain for the first few days. As you approach one week, you will likely manage the pain with over-the-counter painkillers. Many women manage to resume their desk jobs or light daily activities about a week after their breast augmentation.


  • The Next Few Weeks. Although you may still notice some swelling and soreness, the pain should be minimal after a week. You have to ease back into light activities and your usual routine slowly. Avoid any strenuous exercise or jarring activity, such as running, heavy lifting, or horseback riding. If your job is labor-intensive, you mustn’t resume work until at least three weeks later. Expect that you will have follow-up visits to your doctor. This is how they can assess the progress of your healing process. You must follow their post-operative care instructions closely. This is crucial in making sure that you’re recovering properly and there aren’t any complications. In general, most patients get the all-clear from their doctor after a couple of months. By this time, you will likely be allowed to go back to your normal activities.


Like any surgical procedure, breast augmentation also poses some risks. Potential complications from general surgery are scarring, bleeding problems, and wound infections. Some of the problems specific to breast augmentation may include implant breaks or leaks, breast pain, and breast numbness, among others.


Do you have questions about how you can prepare your home before your surgery and how to better care for your incisions? At Aron Kressel, MD, office, we can help ensure the safety and overall success of your operation. Call our office today in New York, New York, at 212-772-6968 to schedule your consultation.

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