Understanding Earlobe Repair

There’s no question that pierced ears are commonplace. But when you pierce your earlobe, you put it at risk for stretching, tearing and splitting caused by the weight and size of an earring. The good news is this can be corrected using a short in-office procedure. How it Works The process of repairing your torn […]

What Is a Breast Lift?

Over time, some women’s breasts lose their youthful shape and firmness. They may become droopy and dramatically change your profile. That’s when a breast lift may be beneficial. To determine if a breast lift (or mastopexy) may be right for you, put a pencil under your breast and see if it stays there. If it […]

5 Foods That Promote Skin Elasticity

It’s no secret that maintaining a healthy weight begins with eating the right foods. But did you know eating right can also be an effective way to maintain the look and feel of your skin? What’s more, certain foods can even increase your skin’s elasticity. Foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can […]

Ditch Your Double Chin with KYBELLA®

Are you tired of your double chin but wary about undergoing surgery? It may be time to consider KYBELLA; an injection used to dissolve fat cells and contour the neck and jowls. KYBELLA is an excellent alternative to liposuction or a neck lift to get rid of excess fat in the neck and chin. If […]

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Right for Me?

There are several medical problems, physical discomforts and self-image issues that can be caused by unusually large breasts. Overly large breasts can interfere with your ability to lead an active life, which is why many women choose to undergo breast reduction surgery (mammoplasty.) If you experience any of the following symptoms, a breast reduction can […]

Recovering Safely from a Facelift

It’s inevitable that, over time, exposure to the sun and the effects of gravity can take a toll on your face. You may begin to see deep creases in your skin, a sagging jawline and loose skin in the neck. For many, this is when electing to have a facelift seems more prudent than ever […]

The Myths and Facts of Botox

Botox continues to grow in popularity, which isn’t surprising given that it’s a quick, safe and effective way to smooth fine lines and wrinkles for more rejuvenated skin. But with its popularity comes a lot of misinformation. If you’re thinking about getting Botox, it’s a good idea to know what is fact and what is […]

The FAQs of Eyelid Surgery

As you age, your skin begins to lose its elasticity. And when this happens, gravity steps in to pull your skin downward, leaving excess skin to collect on your upper and lower eyelids. This can cause bulges and wrinkles on your lower eyelid and obstruct your vision in the upper eyelid. For many, eyelid surgery […]

Considering Cosmetic Surgery? Ask Yourself These Questions

Cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons,  1.4 million women underwent cosmetic surgery with another 12.5 million women having minimally invasive procedures. Are you one of the millions of women considering cosmetic surgery? If so, here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide […]

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